Sophia here. I just wanted to say welcome, and if you’re reading this right now, thank you!!! This is a place where I’ll share novel-writing inspiration and advice, my newest aspirations, my goals and projects, recipes, makeup looks, fashion and beauty ideas, songs I write, career goals, how life’s going for me, and my bucket list. (Once I finish putting it together finally.)

A bit about me: I’m fourteen, I’m a freshman in high school, I was born and live in the U.S., and I take dance classes (ballet and modern). I love to write novels and aspire to become a professional author. When not writing said novels, you’ll find me blabbing about my love of Loki and cats. I enjoy fellowship with family and friends. I love spending time with God and I dance and write for His glory.

My favorite food is… Mexican, pizza, chicken, potatoes, smoothies, sandwiches, ice cream, gummy bears, chocolate, etc. You get it. I like food.

My favorite drink? Coffee, of course.

I also love makeup, singing, and songwriting. One day, I might be a makeup artist or beauty influencer and write novels on the side. More career posts to come! ;) I love weddings and also might be a wedding designer. I think you get that I can’t make up my mind what careers I want to have. Thanks, me.

I’m typically known to bite off way more than I can chew - with writing novels, ballet, life, everything. I tend to be an overachiever, and sadly not a very practical person. *sigh* However, I like to think creatively and flexibly, so practicality isn’t very high on my list of priorities. You can’t exactly be practical to try and write 50,000 words in the month of November! Check out NaNoWriMo for more info (or NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program, if you’re under 18). It’s a non-profit, online writing program that lets you write your novel any time of the year, but during the month of November, writers from all over the world buckle down to attempt to write a 50K word novel in one month. If you finish, you “win”. It has motivated me to write fast and furious, and it has encouraged me to shut away my inner editor and just write for a whole crazy, frenzied month.

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