I am probably biased towards this as I have been a ballerina all my life, but it is simply my favorite art. Ballet is about grace and elegance, making it look easy even when it's unbelievably hard, and a WHOLE lotta practice, practice, practice. It also requires confidence, passion and a love for ballet. On the physical side, you need flexibility, endurance, stamina, grace, and poise. 

Ballet is an expression of the soul, as are all the other arts, but ballet seems to me to hold a special place in artistic expression, because you are moving, like your body's a paintbrush and you're drawing out a dance. I love it simply for my own reasons too, like I feel alive when I dance ballet, it comes naturally and I often find myself dancing and pirouetting around the house, and I always feel a part of something much larger, for a much greater cause than just me dancing solo: dancing in the corps de ballet. 

I remember when I tried on my first pair of pointe shoes: the shiny pale pink satin, the hard, oval block tip, and stepping up for the first time on pointe, however wobbly and unsure. Now, on my fourth pair, I feel more confident than ever en pointe and enjoy feeling like a "real ballerina". I've worked very hard to get to this point and I know my hard work will pay off. I dream of getting into the NYC Ballet one day, and I'm in my ballet school's company!!

Ballet is not a pink, fairy-princess activity for little girls in tutus. It's hard work and very painful sometimes, but the pain is worth it for the elegance that is radiated to the audience. 

(P.S. Not that I don't love ballet tutus!) 👯👯