Besides ballet, I enjoy a lot of other things. 

First and foremost, I love to write novels! I'm definitely going to be an author, and am busy writing a series I am seeking to publish. For me, writing is like escaping into a world that I crafted, and a way to write about things I will never be able to do, like rhythmic gymnastics or swimming through the sea with a mermaid tail.

I have played cello for a year and a half, but I recently quit. Not that I haven't enjoyed playing such a pretty, mellow-sounding instrument! I just wanted singing lessons. I love to sing, and you'll find me singing everywhere, in my room, all around the house, in the shower.... 

I also LOVE to design things. Anything, really. I may become a fashion or graphic designer one day, I'll just have to see how my life plays out.    : ) On that same note, I love doing makeup and creating new looks. I will post my looks on the blog! Sometimes, my looks get a little wild. Makeup is AWESOME. 

I love sleepovers where you play Truth or Dare, watch lots of movies, stay up til 3:00am chatting, and eat sooooo much chocolate and popcorn and hot cocoa. I enjoy hanging with friends and girl-time. I also luuuuuv cats. It stinks that my family's allergic, but I'll still write about having one in my books.

I enjoy reading books, mostly fantasy, and especially ones set in magical wizarding worlds. I am busy writing a series at the moment, called Hobbs' Witch Academy, just because I love it so much. It's set in Oregon, U.S., because it seems every wizarding story is in Europe some place or other, and they all have British accents. If there's one thing I don't like about a story, it's cliches.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. I'd better just stop now.

See, this is the downside of being a writer! I can't stop writing.

Okay. I'm going to stop. NOW.

*slaps her face* This is getting tooooo long. 

Okay. Bye now. :D