The arts are creative, inspiring, and incredibly impacting on our lives. They are an outward extension of our inner creativity and soul. 

Starting with music: I don't what we'd do without music. The world would be ridiculously dull, if you ask me. We couldn't have any fun with singing or playing instruments, and we couldn't express our thoughts creatively through aesthetic sounds and notes strung together. Plus, music impacts the other art forms too: all the forms of dance are put to music, and theatre and acting are often accompanied by music. 

Next on to dance: simply put, I adore dance. But there's more to it than that, of course. Dance is a physical, clearly visible form of creative expression, as we are putting our souls into outward movements. Dance is also telling a story through movements, something which I am so grateful to be a part of. I love how music and dance become a perfect, harmonious blend. 

And of course actual art: this is so creative and wild, I simply love it. It is so varied in all the things you can do; abstract art, still life portraits, sketches, self portraits, and drawings done with some colored pencils or crayons (my area of expertise, haha lol!). I love how you can look at one painting or one sketch in so many different ways. Each picture tells a different sort of story. Art is also amazing because there are really no mistakes in art, only creative expression. 

Last but definitely not least, theatre: this is so fun and interesting to watch, and it's amazing to think that a kid going to a little acting school might be tomorrow's famous actor in one of our favorite movies or TV shows. I love watching all the different genres and kinds of acting one person can do, how actors and actresses can simply blend, mind and soul, into the character they're playing. 

All in all, I love the arts.